Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What are the occasions when you can go for Limo hire?

If you are staying in a posh city and want to maintain a high profile lifestyle then owning a limo is a very common. However, if owning is not possible then you have plenty of options to hire

limos for any occasion or grand event. It may seem limos or limousines are extravagant, but if you take a close look, you will find these fascinating and classy vehicles are best fit for a memorable event.

Limo Hire

Limo Hire Melbourne is very common nowadays as people who can’t afford buying these high-end vehicles can at least afford to hire it. Anybody would love to flaunt their travel or arrival in limos. If any special occasion in your family is nearing, then it will be a wonderful idea to go with limo Hire Melbourne. 


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Here is a list of grand events where limos create the perfect picture:
  • You can take the limo Hire Melbourne service for any corporate part or for a silicon valley business.
  • The service can be taken for high class guests ‘pick ups and drops from airport.
  • You can also take the exclusive limo hire Melbourne service during wedding or anniversary.
  • If you are organizing a big event like sport meet or musical concert then you can book limos for the respected guests.
  • Limos add glamour to a bachelor party, birthday party or winery tours .
  • If you wish, you can also go for limo Hire Melbourne during your vacation in a beach side location in Australia.
  • The classy vehicles can also be booked for bucks night or night club tours. In fact, there is no dearth of reasons for booking limos. Whether it is a kid party, a wedding or a vacation, limos always get the first preference.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Amazingly Beautiful Limousines on Hire in Melbourne

Holding a car of our own is one of the beautiful dreams that we see and want to fulfill in our life and somehow we are able to do that also but there are few cars that can be fantasized in dreams only, cars that requires you to be multi-millionaire to possess them. One of such super car is Limousine. We probably will find no one who doesn’t want to have a ride in limousine, but have you ever imagined that this dream also can be fulfilled if you actually want to.

Limousine Service Melbourne

We are talking about 1800 Limo City of Melbourne, a company that provides astonishingly beautiful Limousines on hire. Our fleet includes multi seater Asanti Edition Chrysler Limo, Asanti Edition H2 Hummer Limo, SS Walkinshaw Stretch Limo. Seeing them only will make your heart go crazy. We provide limousines for hire for all the events may it be a birthday party or a wedding, a formals or school debs, a night club tour or a whinery tour, anything. You might not want to come out once you get into these heart throbbing beauties. You can have loud music, bar, bright lights, dance floor and anything you desire, all you need to do is to contact us and tell us what you need and it will be done. We had all the stretching done from finest coach builders in the nation so awesome experience is guaranteed.

Visit our website for more details and images of our fleet that will leave you speechless and you would want to book one as you see them, so don’t wait and call us to book a Limousine Service Melbourne. You can also trace us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn or email us or send a message online through our website. We wish you an awesome ride.